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New Scat Sex Video February 2015 "Bathtub Scat Mess"

A girl is getting pretty bored at home. What to do while her boyfriend is away? Dreaming of guys and girls and enjoying a good scat session in the bathtub on her own...

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The Scat Sex poll from November/December/January

During the last three months, Scatsexy asked what kind of scat related material you are looking for on the internet.

Scat Poss What material are you looking for on the net?

Over 160 people voted these three months. Thanks for participating. A few notes:

The results show that more than 46% are looking for free videos. This is motivating for this site to offer the best free stuff the web has to offer and to go towards free stuff.

Watching videos is great. But a step further is actually experiencing scat sex. The first resort is checking for mistresses in your area. 32% said that they are primarily looking for those women who know "what we want".

Next comes dating. 18% are looking for a girl from their area. Thiis certainly difficult but doable.

Only 2% are looking for advice. This also pairs with my experience. Some users write me about health issues. Basically, if both partners are healthy, there should be no problem. I'm no doctor, but this is just common sense.

Thanks for voting. The results from the previous months can be checked on Twitter or Google Plus.



In February, there is a new poll out. The question is:

"What is your sexuality?"

Are you :

a) Male and straight

b) Male and bi

c) Male and gay

d) Female and straight

e) Female and bi

f) Female and lesbian

Happy voting or rather...saying who you are.


Afraid to ask your girlfriend?

As a matter of fact, most guys are afraid to ask their girlfriends whether she could poop on them or enjoy this kind of fetish. On the guide page on this site, there is a walkthrough on how to achieve this possibly. New this month on that page is also a list on how to get your partner gradually into scat. The key is not to reveal the fact that you are into those fantasies, because that would make every girl run away probably. A better approach is to desensitize your partner to poop sex.



Remember the benefits of scat sex:

It is very intense

If you have a partner into it, this is a strong bond

It hurts no one

You are not alone.

It is a harmless fetish.


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