This site is all about scat sex and fantasies of this extreme fetish. Browse the articles, check out links to mistresses and scatqueens or watch some free videos. Don't forget to check out the free scat tubes reachable by the menu on your left. Enjoy!

Some new links to forums have been added. Plus three new scat movies have been added in the free tubes section. Enjoy them and the summer as well. Scat Sexy style.

New Free Scat Videos in June 2016 "The scat girl just for you"

This month, Scatsexy has got two new clips for all scat sex friends. A girl gives you a private scat show and smears it all over her body, ready to make love. And, in another video, a mistress tortures a slave and feeds him scat at the very end.

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To see clips from previous months, go to the free tubes section on your left.

The last Scat Sex poll from Q1 2016 - results and analysis

During the first months of this year Scatsexy wanted to know how you got into scatsex and whether you remember how you basically got into this extreme fetish. It might be difficult to recall for some people but others maybe had some event which triggered it. Some 133 unique people responded and the results of the poll are the following:

Scatsexy Poll results

35% of the voters said they got into scatsex after having watched a porn video depicting scat scenes. They have been fascinated by the scenes in the video where others would just have been grossed out. Of course you could ask how they got the video or why they googles for it in the first place. Maybe some initial interest had already been there and then the video just fueled it.

31% say they have always been like this. Another way of saying this would be they don't remember exactly. Whatever it is, it shows that the roots are buried long ago in the youth of this group.

11% express that they ot into as a by-product from other fetishes (probably BDSM or pee games).

Yes, and then 10% say that they got introduced by their sex partner. Now does this show that you can really get your partner into scat AND have them like it!...

8% say the fetish got triggered after hearing or reading about it. Fantasies created the spark here.

Thanks for voting. The results from the previous months can be checked on Twitter or Google Plus.

In April 2016, there is a new poll out. The question is:

"What are your favorite Scat Movies?"

Here are the options:

a) Amateur scat scenes

b) Hightide Videos

c) Japanese / Asian

d) South American / Latin (MFX)

e) Solo Scat scenest

f) Other Femdom

g) Other Lesbian

h) Other movies

Happy voting!

Afraid to ask your girlfriend?

As a matter of fact, most guys are afraid to ask their girlfriends whether she could poop on them or enjoy this kind of fetish. On the guide page on this site, there is a walkthrough on how to achieve this possibly. New this month on that page is also a list on how to get your partner gradually into scat. The key is not to reveal the fact that you are into those fantasies, because that would make every girl run away probably. A better approach is to desensitize your partner to poop sex.

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