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Some new links to forums have been added. Plus three new scat movies have been added in the free tubes section. Enjoy them and the summer as well. Scat Sexy style.

New Scat Video "Happy New Year" January 2016

This couple enjoys the new year scat-sexy style...

Wanna join the party? That would be a good new year resolution for sure.

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The last Scat Sex poll from 2015 - results and analysis

During the last couple of months, Scatsexy wanted to know whether you had any other fetishes besides scatsex or is poop the only vice? It would be interesting to know how the scat fetish is related to possible other fetishes. That poll ran from September to December 2015, thus we had a pretty good general result. 185 people voted and, as always, double votes were not possible. Well here are the results of the poll:

Scatsexy poll results September until December 2015

An amazing 31% have stated that they like shemales and are turned on with "chicks with dicks". I presume this is because, if you have such an extreme fetish, then chances are good that you like also other "extreme" things, such as shemales. A lot of women into scatsex are at the same time into women, thus bisexual. This could be a hint that men are the same. The results here prove it, although I think women are still more often into women if they like scatsex.

19% say they are into SM as well. And, while we are at it, 17% like legs and feet. The explanation of this seems clear. In fact, scatsex has a lot to do with submission or getting humiliated by dominant women. How can you be more submissive than getting a turd of a dominant woman into your mouth? Or...sucking the feet of women or being submissive in an SM session. It seems to go hand in hand.

8% still like BBW girls or skinny girls and 14% have other festishes. The point is here that there are fetishes.

Only 11% state that they have no other fetish apart from scat.

As a result, a scat fetish often brings along other fetishes, most of them linked to submissive behaviour.

Thanks for voting. The results from the previous months can be checked on Twitter or Google Plus.

In the New Year 2016, there is a new poll out. The question is:

"How did you get into scatsex?"

Here are the options:

a) Introduced by (sex)partner

b) After reading or hearing about it

c) After watching porn (videos, pictures)

d) Always been like that, in my genes

e) Don't remember

f) From other fetishes

g) I'm not into scatsex, just browsing


Happy voting!


Afraid to ask your girlfriend?

As a matter of fact, most guys are afraid to ask their girlfriends whether she could poop on them or enjoy this kind of fetish. On the guide page on this site, there is a walkthrough on how to achieve this possibly. New this month on that page is also a list on how to get your partner gradually into scat. The key is not to reveal the fact that you are into those fantasies, because that would make every girl run away probably. A better approach is to desensitize your partner to poop sex.



Remember the benefits of scat sex:

It is very intense

If you have a partner into it, this is a strong bond

It hurts no one

You are not alone.

It is a harmless fetish.


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