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New Scatsex Videos April 2014 "The girl next door"

This month, I found a cool video about a girl entering a hotel room and then watching a scatsex scene on her laptop while talking to her friend on the phone. All of a sudden she is turned on and lets her fantasies come true. She plays with her own poop!

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In fact the porn video is only 2 minutes long, but the girl is so nice that I decided to feature this embedded vid on the front page this month. I don't know who this girl is but she is really hot and gorgeous. Just imagine having a girlfriend like that and you come home from work or school and, all of a sudden, she is covered in poop and just

pooping girl

tells you: "Sorry honey, but it came over me. I just watched one of your porn videos on your computer, and I had to check this out. Now please have sex with me while we are both covered in shit!" Now, that would be cool, right?

Ok, since this video is only 2 minutes long, here is an additional bonus. A video of a chick that takes a massive poop on the floor. You simply won't believe your eyes I guess.


Check the following of the videos out:

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Afraid to ask your girlfriend?

As a matter of fact, most guys are afraid to ask their girlfriends whether she could poop on them or enjoy this kind of fetish. On the guide page on this site, there is a walkthrough on how to achieve this possibly.


TOP 5 fantasies of guys into shit play?

1. Lying on the back and getting shit into the mouth by a beautiful girl with a sexy ass.

2. Experience toilet love in a large tub with a chick and getting covered all over in shit.

3. Lying on the floor, feeling the high heels of a mistress and being forced to be her toilet.

4. Being in a threesome with two chicks and shooting videos.

5. Watching porn videos or pictures about scat.

Are these fantasies sick?

Honestly, no. It is a fetish. An extreme one, yes. But keep in mind, no one is hurt during scat play. There are much more sick fetishes around or things going on in the world than that. Getting pooped on by someone does not hurt anyone and it is basically harmless if both partners are healthy at the time they engage in shit play.


Am I really into scatsex?

Honestly, if you have had fantasies about this kind of fetish for quite some time, then the chances are great that you are actually INTO this kind of fetish. This does not mean that you are only into this kind of play, but it's a kinky fetish next to normal sex.