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New Scat Sex Video July 2014 "World Cup of Scat"

This month, there is a special World Cup on screen, namely the World Cup of Scat. Two girls use the half time with a special game: they pee and shit on each other. After that, they smear their poop all over their hot bodies and enjoy a good game of scat love. I guess they must have missed the second half....:)

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The Scat Sex poll from last month (June)

Last month, I asked how you would tell your partner about scat sex.

Since this is a delicate issue, the results are pretty interesting. 36 votes during the month of June brought the following results:

how would you tell partner about scat sex

47% said they would achieve this gradually by rimming and getting dirtier and dirtier in bed. This is a good approach that could work. Or let's put it this way: if the other options don't work, then this one doesn't either.

Then, 19% said they wouldn't. It is surely difficult, because you're afraid that your partner will be grossed out and wouldn't like you as much as before.

14% are very gutsy and tell their fetish upfront to their partner.

In general, 81 % would at least try to bring this into their sex lifes! Thanks for voting.

This month in July, there is a new poll out. The question is "What is your special scat fantasy?"

There are 7 possibilities:

a) Watching scat sex movies : You like to see Moser, Alexia, Chris Extreme and others in scat action on the screen

b) Getting poop into my mouth: It's a huge thrill for you to lie on the floor and receive a turd by a cute sexy ass right into your mouth

c) Smearing on body: Taking poop and smearing it on your body is your fave fantasy.

d) Shitty kisses: Kissing with a partner and exchanging turds during sex.

e) Eating poop: Yes, going further than anyone and eating scat is the thing.

f) All/most of the above: All or almost all of the above stuff.

g) Nothing: Either something else or nothing of the above.


Afraid to ask your girlfriend?

As a matter of fact, most guys are afraid to ask their girlfriends whether she could poop on them or enjoy this kind of fetish. On the guide page on this site, there is a walkthrough on how to achieve this possibly. New this month on that page is also a list on how to get your partner gradually into scat. The key is not to reveal the fact that you are into those fantasies, because that would make every girl run away probably. A better approach is to desensitize your partner to poop sex.



TOP 5 fantasies of guys into shit play?

1. Lying on the back and getting shit into the mouth by a beautiful girl with a sexy ass.

2. Experience toilet love in a large tub with a chick and getting covered all over in shit.

3. Lying on the floor, feeling the high heels of a mistress and being forced to be her toilet.

4. Being in a threesome with two chicks and shooting videos.

5. Watching porn videos or pictures about scat.


Thought of the month:

"Even a girl that normally goes unnoticed, to imagine she might be into scat, makes out of her almost a 10."




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